About the blog

This blog is the compilation of the science’s short stories of Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow.

After that some of them were published around the world : During 7 years in “the Herald” (New-Zealand), during almost 3 years in the “Norddeutsche” of the Bremer Nachrichten (Germany), in “The Gleaner” (Jamaica), in the Indian “Sentinel” and for some years in the Oulu newspaper “Kaleva”, the majority of all of these great scientific papers have stayed, for moment, only on the computer’s world-traveller author and in the minds of the readers.

Florian, who loved this great combination of science, philosophy and humor, now publish, with the help of the author, all of these stories written during the last 20 years.

How this blog started?

Everything started after I published an article about the link between the paleo diet and insects as food. For this purpose, I used many references coming from great scientists. The next day, when I saw a cheering e-mail from one of them, a New-Zealander Doctor, who wrote some of my favorite publications, I was really proud…

After changing few emails about insects, bread, mammoth and moves, he talked me about these papers and shared a few of them. I loved them at first read… He told me that there were a hundred of them that were unpublished and proposed me to create a blog for publishing them. It was an honor for me and accepted with an enormous pleasure. This is how “Bio for the Bio-Buff” is born and I hope your weekly paper will delight you as much as me. Week after week there will be a new interesting Bio-Essay in this series, a series the aim of which is to present accurate information on a variety of topics in a light-hearted, yet scientifically sound and correct manner.

Enjoy your reading