About the blog

This blog deals with a selection of science essays by Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow, a professor of Biological Sciences with a PhD in Neuroscienc and a DSc in Physiology & Ethnobiology (both degrees from the Australian National University in Canberras, Australia)

Some of the essays had been published on a weekly basis, for example for around 7 years in “the Herald” (New-Zealand), almost 3 years in the “Norddeutsche” of the Bremer Nachrichten (Germany), in “The Gleaner” (Jamaica), occasionally in the Indian “Sentinel” and for some years in the Oulu newspaper “Kaleva”, but the majority of all of these interesting science essays have, for the moment, remained only on the world-traveller author’s computer or in his head.

Florian, who loved this great combination of science, philosophy and humor, now publishes, with the help of the author, all of these “science stories”.