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Cupid with a Slimy foot

The love life of snails

Terrestrial snails are generally slow moving and to many people rather uninteresting animals (unless, of course, you are French and an escargot fan). However, fact is that the slimy and sticky mucus that these snails are producing has not made them many friends and there are even folk, who find them disgusting. And yet, they possess a fascinating love life.

eye discovery pond snail photoreceptor

A Multiple-Purpose Photoreceptor – the eye of the pond snail

Seeing through the pond snail’s eye

In this time and age of global information flow, internet and machine translations, it is unthinkable that a discovery no matter where and in which language published, even if it were Basque, Haussa, or Aymara, would remain unnoticed as had happened in the 19th century with Mendel’s epoch-making laws of inheritance. Continue reading