fecundity competition reproduction

Fecundity Competition

How to be fecund : be fruitful and multiply

Sometimes when you read about the human population explosion you may think our own species’ fecundity must be enormous. However, even assuming an average life span of 65 years and an average number of children of four in a person’s life, our reproductive rate would not at all be high. Rodents are doing much better and have no trouble at all outperforming us.

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Dr Meyer Rochow bio essay : "When the topic is thirst, a sailor wisdom is definitely on target"

16 Residents in a Sea-Cucumber

A Guinness Book World Record !

Who can spit the furthest, what is the strangest smell, how many individuals fit into a Volkswagen? To find the answers to these and other mind-boggling questions, most people would know that there is the “Guinness Book of Records”, which probably has the answers.

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