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And Now All Together

Singing in chorus is great (when your voice is small)

At one of the many Entomology Conferences I had attended in the past, I presented a paper on sound emission in a small aquatic waterbug known as Synaptonecta issa. The history of that paper is as interesting as its content. —>


Nose Blowing

And other strange sounds

Sounds accompany many kinds of activities. The buzz of a mosquito in the bedroom comes to mind; and then there is the clashing of horns of mountain sheep in combat, the chewing of food, the knock on the door, sounds in courtship, territorial claims in birds, monkeys and other animals. etc. Come to think of it there aren’t really terribly many animals that are totally silent; worms perhaps and, with very few exceptions, spiders, but certainly not fish. —>

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To hear or not to hear

Those menacing sounds of silence

For the inauguration speech of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un we handful of western professors teaching in Pyongyang at that time were shepherded to the event and seated on a huge balcony overlooking the huge Kim Il-Sung Square with its hundreds of thousands of participants. It was obviously important for the local TV-bosses to show that there were also foreigners, who were celebrating and honouring the new leader. The only problem was we were placed only a few metres away from the enormous loudspeakers and throughout the great new leader’s speech I kept my ears covered with my hands. Continue reading