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Life Between Two Sheets

Tight but nice

When I was living in Canberra (the capital of Australia) we had a pomegranate plant (it was more a bush than a tree) that produced the odd fruit and had beautiful shiny leaves. But some of the leaves contained whitish lines, a kind of roadmap seemingly scribbled onto (or perhaps into) them. And -not to be misunderstood- it is about the upper and lower leaf sheets and what’s between them I want to write. —>

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Autumn colours

Why leaves turn yellow or red

Looking out of the window, I see trees with yellow and reddish leaves in front of the house. It’s autumn and year after year it’s the same again: the trees’ green foliage turns yellow and red until the leaves fall off, giving me the back-breaking task of raking them together and disposing of them. What’s the point of their changing colour?

Since branches closer to the street-lamp retain their green leaves much longer, shedding of the leaves and their change in colour are obviously connected phenomena. But then again, there are naturally red-leaved species, which possess red leaves throughout summer and they, too, lose their leaves in autumn. Let’s investigate. Continue reading