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Standing on One Leg is Comfortable

For some (I’m not pulling your Leg)

My children’s favourite character of Richard Scarry’s books was the one-legged “Lowly Worm”. When I was a kid there was no “Lowly Worm”, but I knew Maasai men often stood on one leg when resting from work or activity and I wondered if that wasn’t uncomfortable. Upon seeing photos of this unusual form of ‘relaxation’ and wanting to be a little different from others, I myself started standing on one leg when waiting for the bus or tram. Needless to say, I earned some peculiar looks from bystanders, who must have thought that I had hurt one of my legs. To be honest, it wasn’t a very comfortable resting position, but for some people (and not just the Maasai) and especially for birds it seemingly is. —>—>