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Horny Fly Eyes

“Fly eyes are the better to see you with”

When Little Red Riding Hood in the Brother Grimm’s fairy tale of the same name asked the big bad wolf: “But Grandmother, what big eyes you have,” the wolf replied: “The better to see you with, my dear”. But there was no suggestion that the wolf had horny eyes. And wolves in Malaysia (if there ever had been any) also would not have them. However amongst the many truly weird looking insects that occur in Malaysia there are the “Stalk-eyed Flies” and these flies, as their name suggests, do possess eyes at the end of surprisingly long stalks which project laterally from their heads like the horns of a Watusi cow. —>

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The world is full of colours

But are colours really true?

We live in a colourful world – but it’s really only colourful, because we see it that way. If we had in our eyes only a single type of photoreceptive cell, we would only be able to see shades of one particular colour. Continue reading