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Breathing through the ears

Aquatic Ancestors and Breathing through the Ears: Nonsense or not?

Provocative statements, based upon good arguments, can inspire researchers to take a fresh look at old questions. As Prof. Popper once stated: “If a hypothesis, which most people think is probably true does turn out to be true … little progress has been made. If a hypothesis, which most people think is improbable turns out to be true, then a scientific revolution occurs and progress is dramatic.” —>—>

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Grown-ups and Kids

Why are grown-ups and kids so different?

I’ve said it many times before: the questions children have are so fresh, so spontaneous and pure: they can be real mind-teasers. My six-year-old daughter asked me one day: “Why are kids so different from adults?” What exactly she meant, wasn’t clear to me, but the fact is of course that the young of most animals do, indeed, differ significantly from their adult relatives in many ways: size, looks, behaviour, attitude….. —>—>

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Featherlice aren’t very nice!

And especially not for a bird

As a teenager, I kept pigeons on the balcony for a while and actually breeding and ringing them, became quite knowledgeable in matters pigeons. My pigeon coop was right above the entrance of our house and for that reason, none of the residents appreciated my pets very much (there was always the risk that something unpleasant might drop on someone entering or leaving the house). —>—>