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False Alarm for Female Physiology

Have you ever heard of “pseudocyesis”?

Teachers can have an enormous impact on whether a child likes a subject or not. I, for instance, hated math at middle school, but with a new teacher at high school I began to love math to an extent that I wanted to study it at university. History was another subject, whose teacher killed my early interest in it, because he demanded that we kids byhearted hundreds of historic dates. Had he told us of the pseudo-pregnancies (also known as false or phantom pregnancy and pseudocyesis) of Queen Mary in 1555, Queen Draga of Serbia in 1900 and the Zar’s wife Alexandra in 1903, history classes could have been so much more interesting! —>

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Dog Genetics and Japanese Origins

Dog has always been “man’s best friend”

I’d say all of us have an interest to know where our ancestors hailed from and the Japanese are anything but an exception in this matter. Blood tests, ear-wax analyses, morphometrics, linguistic comparisons – prior to the advent of molecular genetics all these methods have been used to prove or disprove relationships between people and to determine which migratory route or routes prehistoric human beings might have taken. Continue reading