human body regions priviliged

Privileged and Disposed

The human body’s special regions

The topic of a seminar which I attended at my university sometime ago dealt with the problem of how to preserve small pieces of donor tissue for an eventual future use in replacing diseased or non-functioning body components.

The major problem, the audience was told, was to keep the donor tissue alive until it might be needed years later. And then there was also the problem of rejection of the foreign tissue. When during question time I was suggesting that one could perhaps deposit the foreign cells in the anterior eye chamber, I saw a lot of surprised faces amongst the largely non-medical audience. The anterior eye chamber of mammals, I knew, is indeed immune-privileged. Continue reading

heart head brain tail

Heart in the Head – Brain in the Tail

Where is the heart and where is the brain?

Even a zoologist like myself can be puzzled at times by claims some people make. Said a colleague of mine to me the other day for instance: “Why don’t you write about the heart in the head of the giraffe some day?Continue reading