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The Pouch

The pouch: what a very useful structure!

By definition a “pouch” is a small sac-like container to store or keep things in. Biologically speaking, it is a pocket-like space in or on the body and the ‘pouches’ in our cheeks, for example, come to mind. They are useful for sucking up liquids (without these pouches as in the case of many carnivores like dogs and cats, liquids would have to be leapt up). —>—>

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Tongue Twisters

To train our tired tongues tremendous tricks

A look at the tongue and an experienced physician can diagnose dermatoses, diabetes, liver ailments, stomach disorders and other diseases quite easily. But the tongue is more than a mirror of our health (and for some people an organ that has to tolerate piercing – a custom dating back to pre-Columbian Amerindian Maya and Aztec cultures). It lets us taste, possesses the best two-point discrimination of any body region, is tremendously sensitive to temperature and most of all it lets us speak. Trying to say “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper” or “A proper copper coffee pot”, your tongue twists and it twists because of a remarkable arrangement of nerves and longitudinal, transverse, circular, and oblique muscle fibres. —>—>

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On Geophagy

Biting the Dust to Live!

In 1961, Dr. Ananda S. Prasad described that some Iranian peasants near Shiraz were habitually engaging in geophagy, which means that they were voluntarily and purposefully ingesting clay. In Africa the consumption of termite soil is widely practiced as according to the Dutch entomologist Dr. Van Huis it is considered to be a carrier of medicines and therefore health-promoting. —>—>