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Drinking like a Fish

Drinking like a Fish – Really?

When I watched my wife making pickles, the way she used all kinds of fruits and vegetables, embedding them in layers of salt, I couldn’t help but think of the fishes in the sea! The poor devils are actually swimming in a salt solution, in constant danger of drying out, of shrivelling up and turning into dehydrated, lifeless corpses. Sounds paradoxical? Let’s examine then. —>—>

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Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

You bet: Dinosaurs still exist!

Three years ago I visited with my grandchildren a dinosaur exhibition in Singapore. On that occasion I asked the guide very politely and with a serious face whether dinosaurs still existed today. And equally politely and seriously the guide answered “No, Sir, they died out years ago.” But have dinosaurs really become extinct a long time ago, is “Nessie” of Loch Ness in Scotland perhaps a survivor of the distant past or just a figment of imagination? (I am sure it’s the latter). —>

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How to Milk a Pigeon

A challenge for the future Bio-food lover

We do not hear all that much about Indian research, although India’s successful Mangalayaan Mars probe did cause worldwide admiration. There are in fact hundreds of thousands of good scientists there (and even more not so good ones) and it can be very interesting to find out what some of them are working on. Take for instance Dr Shetty and colleagues of Mangalore University. Their work caught my attention quite a few years ago: it dealt with the composition of pigeon milk. —>