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Parabiosis Shows the Path

To a younger body perhaps?

People spend millions if not billions worldwide to look younger, to feel younger, to be rejuvenated. Maybe I was different, because I always wanted to look older and for that reason stopped shaving when I was 21. But fact is that the business based on people wanting be younger is huge. Yet, very few want to look like children again or possess child-like features and almost nobody wants to be a baby once more; it’s young but not too young. —>

zoology biology benno meyer rochow science blog calcium bones

Long Live the Females

In praise of the tougher (not “weaker”) sex

Even if there are some exceptions like hamsters, for instance, there can be no doubt that in most mammalian animal species the female is the longer lived of the two sexes. Why should female longevity be favoured by Nature and what is the basis for this phenomenon? —>

zoology biology benno meyer rochow science blog calcium bones

“GFP” and Calcium

Calcium is an abundant and important element

“GFP”? No, it does not mean ‘Guns for Peace’ or ‘Golden Flower Pot’. It stands for Green Fluorescent Protein, a substance for the discovery of which the three scientists O. Shimomura, R.Tsien and M. Chalfie were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2008. The GFP is inextricably connected with indicating the presence of calcium ions and calcium is one of the most important elements with multiple functions in our body ad that of animals. —>