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Dysentery, loose stool, running belly

It’s all unpleasant and called diarrhoea

Stomatologists are experts focusing on the structure and function and the surrounding area of that part of the body through which the food enters. Proctologists are interested in the structure and function of the part of the body from where the waste comes out. And psychologists are interested to study why (mostly) very young children in particular are so interested in their own faeces and find it so amusing to examine what they can produce from their rear ends. When, however, what comes out of there is a semi-liquid, brownish and soft and sticky, smelly slush, it’s certainly much less amusing.

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Advancing Backward: Sounds Strange?

It is a strange way to move forward!

Rugby is a strange sport. I played it a few times but decided that it was more fun for me to watch it on TV. My sons, however, were members of a local rugby team and loved the sport. The basic rule of the game is that in order to move forward on the pitch, you throw the ball backward. The players themselves don’t have to move backwards though, but they can, of course, if they want to. Some animals cannot. —>—>

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Bubbles, Froths, and Foams

The spittlebug is but one example

For years I had been seeking an opportunity to test my idea that the foam spittlebug nymphs surround themselves with, serves these insects not just as a deterrent to predators or to avoid desiccation, but has an additional important function as well. And finally during a research stay at the Chinese Academy’s Institute of Zoology in Beijing I got my chance. —>—>