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Breathing through the ears

Aquatic Ancestors and Breathing through the Ears: Nonsense or not?

Provocative statements, based upon good arguments, can inspire researchers to take a fresh look at old questions. As Prof. Popper once stated: “If a hypothesis, which most people think is probably true does turn out to be true … little progress has been made. If a hypothesis, which most people think is improbable turns out to be true, then a scientific revolution occurs and progress is dramatic.” —>—>

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With the Help of Some Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones in the stomach

Several organs of the body can contain or develop objects normally referred to as “stones”: the gall bladder choleliths, the urinary bladder uroliths, the kidney nephroliths, the testicles testicular microliths and the salivary glands sialoliths. —>—>

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Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

You bet: Dinosaurs still exist!

Three years ago I visited with my grandchildren a dinosaur exhibition in Singapore. On that occasion I asked the guide very politely and with a serious face whether dinosaurs still existed today. And equally politely and seriously the guide answered “No, Sir, they died out years ago.” But have dinosaurs really become extinct a long time ago, is “Nessie” of Loch Ness in Scotland perhaps a survivor of the distant past or just a figment of imagination? (I am sure it’s the latter). —>