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Scientific Fraud: is it or is it not?

With a Comment on Fluorescence & Bioluminescence

Scientists love to call their profession the most honest there is. But is that so? The claim is based on the fact that scientists are “seekers of the truth” and that a scientist who has cheated is likely to be finished, losing job and reputation (which is not the case for a second-hand car salesperson or a housing agent or the lady who sold cosmetics to my wife). Yet, again we can ask, is that so? On several occasions, I have come across statements that scientific fraud is on the rise and in some subjects like the Life Sciences has reached epidemic proportions. I used to have a colleague, who was an expert in statistical analyses, who exposed several cases in which scientists had either invented data or deliberately left out results that didn’t fit their hypotheses. That is bad and some earlier famous examples made it into the world news. —>—>