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Dawn of vision

Dawn of vision – And why blue light might be so special

Virtually all mammalian species exhibit some kind of circadian rhythm that affects their activities. These rhythms parallel the cycle of day and night and are, thus, in most cases linked to the perception of light. However, major surprises were in store for scientists, when they investigated whether mutant mice, lacking the well known image-forming rod and cone cells in their retinas, still possessed a circadian rhythm. —>—>

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Herman Melville and his White Whale

White or pigmentless or both?

I was fascinated as a kid by Hermann Melville’s story about “Moby Dick”, the white sperm whale chased fanatically by Captain Ahab, but who eventually lost the struggle to kill the beast that had dominated his life and caused him never-ending sleepless nights. —>—>

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Advancing Backward: Sounds Strange?

It is a strange way to move forward!

Rugby is a strange sport. I played it a few times but decided that it was more fun for me to watch it on TV. My sons, however, were members of a local rugby team and loved the sport. The basic rule of the game is that in order to move forward on the pitch, you throw the ball backward. The players themselves don’t have to move backwards though, but they can, of course, if they want to. Some animals cannot. —>—>