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Animal Dummies and Models

Animal Dummies and Models – how could ethologists live without them

Dummies and models of animals can be very useful especially in studies that focus on big animals and those that move around much. One such use of models involved those of cows; cows with a pure white and a pure brown coat and models of white cows with 8, 16, and randomly distributed 64 brown patches on the white background fur. —>—>

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On Geophagy

Biting the Dust to Live!

In 1961, Dr. Ananda S. Prasad described that some Iranian peasants near Shiraz were habitually engaging in geophagy, which means that they were voluntarily and purposefully ingesting clay. In Africa the consumption of termite soil is widely practiced as according to the Dutch entomologist Dr. Van Huis it is considered to be a carrier of medicines and therefore health-promoting. —>—>

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Treating Disorders Naturally

Even some animals know how to treat disorders naturally

Although I kept pigeons as a boy and with my grandfather attended the annual poultry show during which all sorts of breeds of chicken and other domestic fowl were exhibited, I’ve never been much of a birdwatcher. However, what did catch my attention during some of our walks in the forest were birds that were seemingly taking a ‘bath’ in ant nests.