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Waterfall and their inhabitants

Waterfall and their inhabitants – thinking of Cherrapunji

In 1991 I spent two months of my sabbatical with my Indian wife at NEHU (the North East Hill University) in Shillong / Meghalaya. From there we once made a trip to Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra, to take a look at the majestic Nohkalikai Waterfall with its height of around 350 m. —>—>

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Bubbles, Froths, and Foams

The spittlebug is but one example

For years I had been seeking an opportunity to test my idea that the foam spittlebug nymphs surround themselves with, serves these insects not just as a deterrent to predators or to avoid desiccation, but has an additional important function as well. And finally during a research stay at the Chinese Academy’s Institute of Zoology in Beijing I got my chance. —>—>

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Honey Bees and our Food

Can we survive without bees, the chief pollinator?

The great Albert Einstein, although disputed by some, is often quoted to have famously stated that if there were no bees around any more, humans would have only 4 years to survive. Whether or not he actually had made such a statement, these days honey bees are very much in the news as reports of a decline in bee populations come in from various parts of the world. —>—>