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Preservation of an Education in Taxidermy – Is it worth it?

Some of my older colleagues lament that the zoology students of today know everything about molecular genetics, DNA hybridization, enzymes, amino acid sequencing, etc. and nothing about animals. Exaggerated as this may be, the truth of the matter is that older traditional courses have had to give way to more modern, popular, and expanding fields like molecular genetics and biotechnology. The emphasis has certainly shifted to what is seen as applied research. —>—>

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Jamaican Cave Flies

Jamaican cave flies got rhythm!

Is it surprising that I hope the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt will hold his world records over 100 and 200 m for many years to come? Is it surprising I have a soft spot for Jamaica? I suppose not, because two of my daughters were born there. But Jamaica is not just Usain Bolt: Jamaica is famous for rum, reggae and rhythm (and bauxite, but we’ll ignore that for now). —>—>

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Little Monsters

No, not children; other little monsters

There won’t be many, I think, who remain totally untouched when they witness how devoted even creatures considered lowly and primitive can be to their offspring and bestow upon them an amazing amount of parental care. The rustic father Diplonychus waterbug, for example, burdens himself with the eggs, attached to his back by his “spouse”, and carries them to maturity. Or, to use another example from the insect world, think of the apparently far-sighted planning, constructing, and supplying of brood chambers in some dung or cadaver-consuming beetles. —>—>