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Repetitions and Duplications

Repetitions and Duplications: double, triple and multiple

Say you’ve got “trout-au-bleu” (steamed/poached trout) on your plate and you dig in: no doubt you’ll notice the repetitive arrangement of the trunk musculature. Like folded serviettes, one like the other, the muscle segments (known as myomeres) are highly repetitive. —>—>

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The Pouch

The pouch: what a very useful structure!

By definition a “pouch” is a small sac-like container to store or keep things in. Biologically speaking, it is a pocket-like space in or on the body and the ‘pouches’ in our cheeks, for example, come to mind. They are useful for sucking up liquids (without these pouches as in the case of many carnivores like dogs and cats, liquids would have to be leapt up). —>—>

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Advancing Backward: Sounds Strange?

It is a strange way to move forward!

Rugby is a strange sport. I played it a few times but decided that it was more fun for me to watch it on TV. My sons, however, were members of a local rugby team and loved the sport. The basic rule of the game is that in order to move forward on the pitch, you throw the ball backward. The players themselves don’t have to move backwards though, but they can, of course, if they want to. Some animals cannot. —>—>