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Petioles aren’t Petty at all

But what really are they then?

Petioles are not petitions and botanic petioles aren’t entomological petioles. So, what are they? Their etymology gives us a clue, for petiole comes from petiolous (= little foot, stalk). In entomology, however, it does not refer to a foot, but to the narrow waist characteristic of the bodies of wasps and all other members of the insect group known as Apocrita, i.e., the hornets, ants and bees. We are keeping wasps and hornets here in our laboratory in Korea, because farming wasps has become an industry in China and wasp larvae, which incidentally (just like the larvae of the other Apocrita) do not possess the petiole, are considered not only edible, but delicious in taste when lightly fried in oil.