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Marine Spiders

Can there really be spiders in saltwater?

During my first “honey moon” many years ago, we spent a week on the Adriatic Sea island of Rab, which at that time was a part of Yugoslavia and now belongs to Croatia. While my new wife enjoyed getting a suntan lying on her bath towel on the pebble beach or refreshing herself in the water careful not to step on the thousands of sea urchins, I examined the porous stones in the ocean water down to a depth of my hips. What I then saw in the holes and crevices of some of these stones surprised and excited me: spiders, real spiders! I knew of only the freshwater spider Argyroneta aquatica that I had kept in one of my aquariums, which constructs its web and “diving bell” under water, but oceanic spiders? That was something new for me and not just me: it was the spider Desidiopsis racovitzai’s first record for Rab. —>—>