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Moon and Mood

Not so many moons ago …

That the moon somehow influences the behaviour and the physiology of humans has been a part of “folk knowledge” since time immemorial, but despite numerous investigations, tests, and analyses (and the frequent use of the term “lunatic”) there has not been any consensus on whether a “moon-effect” exists in humans at all. Yet, for quite a large number of in particular aquatic species of animals, the lunar cycle via its obvious cause of the tides is a fact: the Palolo worm Eunice viridis of the Pacific and the related Laor worm in Indonesian waters are famous examples; the coral Acropora millepora, the midge Clunio marinus and the grunion (sardine-sized fish of the genus Leurethes) are also species whose reproductive behaviours are linked to the lunar/tidal phase. —>—>