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Lichen’s paradise

The Lichen’s Paradise on Earth: Antarctica

Lichens? Most people if asked what they associate with the word ‘lichens’ may scratch their heads and come up with nothing. Some, however, will think of packing material and decoration used by florists in flower shops. And then there are those, who think of reindeer and other Arctic grazers like musk oxen, snow hare, etc. But I’m thinking of Antarctica as the “continent of the lichen”, a continent without grazers that could harm the lichen. —>—>

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On the Importance of Improvisation

On the Importance of Improvisation: examples from New Zealand, Antarctica & North Korea

This week’s topic is rather personal and I hope readers will not feel that I want to show off. I use examples I’m most familiar with and they happen to involve me (sorry). Scientists frequently face unexpected situations; situations in which equipment for an experiment fails or isn’t available, situations that offer sudden opportunities that appear “out of the blue”, but that one hasn’t anticipated and isn’t prepared for, etc. And that is when quick thinking, improvisation, is needed. —>—>

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Animal Dummies and Models

Animal Dummies and Models – how could ethologists live without them

Dummies and models of animals can be very useful especially in studies that focus on big animals and those that move around much. One such use of models involved those of cows; cows with a pure white and a pure brown coat and models of white cows with 8, 16, and randomly distributed 64 brown patches on the white background fur. —>—>