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Grown-ups and Kids

Why are grown-ups and kids so different?

I’ve said it many times before: the questions children have are so fresh, so spontaneous and pure: they can be real mind-teasers. My six-year-old daughter asked me one day: “Why are kids so different from adults?” What exactly she meant, wasn’t clear to me, but the fact is of course that the young of most animals do, indeed, differ significantly from their adult relatives in many ways: size, looks, behaviour, attitude….. —>—>

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Honey Bees and our Food

Can we survive without bees, the chief pollinator?

The great Albert Einstein, although disputed by some, is often quoted to have famously stated that if there were no bees around any more, humans would have only 4 years to survive. Whether or not he actually had made such a statement, these days honey bees are very much in the news as reports of a decline in bee populations come in from various parts of the world. —>—>


Penguins Scratch, Bite, and —- Shoot!

I’ve been on 6 expeditions to Antarctica as a researcher and on one of them I was the leader of the first (and only) Jamaican Antarctic Expedition. We received wonderful support from the Chilean Antarctic Program, but had not much sophisticated equipment. However, apart from preparing samples of Antarctic marine worms and tiny terrestrial insects known as springtails for a study with the electron microscope, we took lots of photographs of penguins. —>—>