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Little Monsters

No, not children; other little monsters

There won’t be many, I think, who remain totally untouched when they witness how devoted even creatures considered lowly and primitive can be to their offspring and bestow upon them an amazing amount of parental care. The rustic father Diplonychus waterbug, for example, burdens himself with the eggs, attached to his back by his “spouse”, and carries them to maturity. Or, to use another example from the insect world, think of the apparently far-sighted planning, constructing, and supplying of brood chambers in some dung or cadaver-consuming beetles. —>—>

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Cadavers are not Meant to Last

But there are ways to keep cadavers useful

In Jamaica at the University of the West Indies, my laboratory in the Electron Microscopy Centre was very close to the Department of Anatomy – so close in fact that I frequently had to drop in there to pick up samples or to speak to my anatomy colleagues. On some occasions, I found the medical students very occupied with human corpses. —>—>

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The United Colours of Benham’s Disc

We see them, but do animals see united colours of Benham’s disc too?

I heard of a man who worked as a magician after World War II and in his performances used a disc with a strange pattern of black and white lines. However, when turned around and spun at high speed, the disc’s black and white pattern created the impression of faint reddish or orange, even greenish or yellowish colours in human observers. —>—>