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Bee Prospectors

Bee Prospectors can be paid for their services in sugar water

Not only was I good as a child in distinguishing (by taste) different kinds of tea, like Ceylon broken orange pekoe, Assam orange pekoe or Darjeeling flowery orange pekoe (well, my grandfather was a tea merchant), I also had a good tongue for different kinds of honey – and I still have my favourites. Actually for hundreds or even thousands of years (the bee is said to have been mentioned in the Bible at least 40 times) the medicinal qualities of honey have been appreciated by humans around the world and many a folk remedy incorporates this sticky insect product. —>—>

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Sex and the Environment

There is a connection between sex and the Environment

Did you know that the majority of the eels found inland in freshwater lakes and rivers are (or become) females, while those which do not migrate upstream but remain in the estuary are males (or become males)? It is still under investigation as to whether eels stay in these habitats because of their gender or their sex is, in fact, determined by the environment in which they mature. That the latter is entirely possible has been shown for a large number of fishes and reptiles. In fact, way back in 1961 as a school boy I must have been one of the first to take note of environmental sex determination in fishes through temperature, but I never published my observations, then for as the school boy that I was at that time I had no idea of scientific reports and publications and how to prepare them. —>—>

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Drinking like a Fish

Drinking like a Fish – Really?

When I watched my wife making pickles, the way she used all kinds of fruits and vegetables, embedding them in layers of salt, I couldn’t help but think of the fishes in the sea! The poor devils are actually swimming in a salt solution, in constant danger of drying out, of shrivelling up and turning into dehydrated, lifeless corpses. Sounds paradoxical? Let’s examine then. —>—>