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Can the environment affect an animal’s colour? Of course it can!

Of course !Environment can affect animal’s colour

A few days ago there was on item on the BBC news about a new hair-dye for humans; a dye that apparently changed colour depending on ambient temperature. I immediately thought what’s so special about that? I know many examples in which environmental temperature affects the colour of an animal and chameleons and some Australian desert reptiles came to mind, which are quite dark in the cold of the morning and become increasingly pale as the temperature rises towards noon. And there are amphibians too that respond to temperature changes with colour changes. However, I then realized that the changes I was thinking of depended on hormones that controlled the colour change, but which themselves were affected by the temperature they were operating under. What I needed to look in connection with the hair dye were direct effects of temperature on the pigmentation of an organism, but such effects, especially in combination with humidity levels are also common. —>