Seriously, not a laughing matter

I’ve been to so many different countries of the world, have stayed with cannibals in the Southern Highlands of Papua Niugini, played football with children in Greenland and in Nagaland, observed people in Bolivia and Djibouti, been diving with Jamaicans and Indonesians and what did I notice? People no matter where on Earth, what race, what upbringing, what sex, what age – we all laugh in similar ways.
Even children born deaf and blind show the typical and characteristic patterns that accompany human laughter. And animals? They also seem to laugh as the Nobel prize winner Thomas Mann in his story “A Man and his Dog” describes so poignantly. After tapping the dog on its nose he writes “it is moving to see” how under such teasing the “thin animal cheeks and the corners of his mouth will twitch, and over his dark animals mask passes an expression like a human smile”. —>