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A Taste of History – mammoth meat’s date-of-expiry has passed ages ago

The real Palaeo diet

Would you eat mammoth meat?” I was asked 35 years ago after my seminar at Azabu University in Japan. “Sure”, I replied, “but mammoths have become extinct thousands of years ago.” My host paid no attention to my scepticism and instructed me instead to open the refrigerator door. And there, right before me, on a clean white plate, was an olive-brown chunk of mammoth thigh – veins, muscle strands, connective tissue…. all still clearly identifiable. Continue reading

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Fecundity Competition

How to be fecund : be fruitful and multiply

Sometimes when you read about the human population explosion you may think our own species’ fecundity must be enormous. However, even assuming an average life span of 65 years and an average number of children of four in a person’s life, our reproductive rate would not at all be high. Rodents are doing much better and have no trouble at all outperforming us.

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