Embalmed and Largely Overlooked

Animal mummies

In many religions, past and present, admiration to the extent of idolatry of certain species of animals is commonplace. Little wonder then, that special burial rites evolved to pay homage to the holy or otherwise revered animals and in the USA and many countries elsewhere too, there are nowadays graveyards especially for pets and often proper funeral services. In India even today a pious Hindu family would not simply bury their dead cow, but give it a proper cremation, an honour not bestowed upon the family dog or a monkey in the garden. —>

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Parabiosis Shows the Path

To a younger body perhaps?

People spend millions if not billions worldwide to look younger, to feel younger, to be rejuvenated. Maybe I was different, because I always wanted to look older and for that reason stopped shaving when I was 21. But fact is that the business based on people wanting be younger is huge. Yet, very few want to look like children again or possess child-like features and almost nobody wants to be a baby once more; it’s young but not too young. —>